We provide a broad range of services, including resource consent applications and resource consent processing for local authorities, urban design advice and the preparation of urban plan changes, consultancy and advice services for potential site developments, preparing subdivision applications, natural hazard policy formation for local and central government - to name a few.




We prepare resource consent applications for a variety of public and private clients.

These projects can range from small residential additions, through to large and complex multi-unit residential developments, industrial developments or greenfield subdivisions. Our strong local-Government background ensures that our applications meet the council's needs and legislative requirements, all of which assist in streamlining your projects.

We take a team approach to larger developments. This is where we regularly meet with the client and the specialists required during the preparation of the application to ensure that all the correct information is being provided in a timely manner. It also ensures effective problem-solving, resulting in a better outcome for all parties.


We provide high-quality design advice to support a variety of private developments and plan changes.

Our Urban Designer works with the client to deliver projects that meet their needs, while still meeting council's design requirements. Our Urban Designer is the preferred supplier of urban design advice for a variety of private clients and local councils.

The urban design services we provide include:

  • Reviewing and assisting with the design around multi-unit developments

  • Preparing urban design statements

  • Reviewing developments for compliance with design guides

  • Preparing urban design evidence to support plan changes

  • Advising on appropriate development forms for structure plans.


We specialise in developing Natural Hazard policy. 



We take the current best practice approach of risk-based planning to address natural hazards and develop district plan provisions that appropriately manage development within identified hazard zones. We maintain excellent relationships with key providers of natural hazard information in New Zealand and continue to work with these parties in developing national best practices around land use planning and natural hazards. 


We are experienced in preparing plan changes for private clients. 


We have been involved in rezoning a number of properties for a variety of private clients to reach the full potential of a site for residential development. We are skilled in managing the entire plan change process, including liaison with Council and various experts, preparing the plan change documentation and taking it through the Council process.



We are the preferred consultant for the preparation of plan changes for several councils.


We have substantial experience in preparing and managing a variety of plan changes for both councils. This involves managing the entire process, including evidence collection, section 32 report preparation, the Schedule 1 process, urban design recommendations and presenting evidence at hearings. 



Plan change topics that we have undertaken include:

  • Outstanding Natural Landscapes and Features;

  • Significant Natural Areas;

  • Natural Hazards (flooding, fault rupture, tsunami and coastal erosion);

  • Rezoning individual sites for residential development;

  • Protecting Urban Tree Groups; and

  • Reviewing signage provisions.



Our strong local Government background means that we are the preferred supplier of resource consent processing for a number of councils.


We have specialist territorial and regional council processing staff who deliver high quality decisions that meet the statutory requirements within the legislative timeframes. Many councils use Urban Edge Planning to process their complex applications, including the presentation of of expert evidence at their hearings.



Our people are experienced, qualified and well respected.


If you need high quality consultancy for your next Natural Hazard, Urban Design or Resource Consent works, contact us today. We can help.


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