Our extensive combination of planning experience, significant areas of speciality and our professionalism allow us to continue delivering high-quality results for all of our clients. The team at Urban Edge Planning will provide the expertise and innovative approaches to your project, with enthusiasm, professionalism and a desire to make it a success.



Jaime has over 14 years of combined experience in the architectural, structural engineering and planning fields.


Jaime has a unique background, with a Bachelor of Architecture, a Master of Environmental Resources and Planning and a Certificate in Landscape Design. Her previous work history in planning has primarily been within the private sector; including construction, land development and telecommunication companies. She also has experience utilising her architectural background for a structural engineering firm. This has provided Jaime with practical experience in architectural design, general structural and construction knowledge and working with the New Zealand Building Code and Standards.


Jaimes' skillset has allowed her to pursue her passion in urban design. Her experience provides her with a strong grounding in key urban design principals while understanding the fine balance sought between architectural design and integrity, structural constraints and the requirements sought by District Plan objectives, policies and rules. Jaime works with a number of public and private clients; providing urban design advice and preparing urban design assessments for a wide variety of projects.  She also provides urban design advice to the policy and consenting teams within local Councils and in the Wellington Region.




Brett is a full member of the NZPI with over 18 years' planning experience in policy and resource consents. 


Brett has significant experience in both the public and private planning sectors with a strong background in resource consents. His considerable local government experience is underpinned by a strong practical working knowledge of the Resource Management Act. He provides specialist planning support to regional and city council consenting teams, predominantly within the Wellington region, with significant experience in large-scale, multi-disciplinary proposals and joint applications to regional councils. This includes leading multi-specialist teams and developing consenting strategies as part of projects of national significance. 


Brett has led numerous notified applications through hearings and is engaged by public and private clients as a planning expert for Environment Court mediation and provision of expert evidence. Brett continues to provide ongoing processing support to Councils for a range of non-notified applications and preparing applications for private clients. An experienced planner in policy development, Brett leads plan changes from concept to delivery, with experience in plan changes addressing natural hazards, flooding and outstanding natural landscapes as well as the process of developing a full district plan review. Brett is able to lead the pre-schedule 1 phases, from issue identification, framework development and engagement through to the formal stage including all statutory reporting, hearing and evidence requirements.




James has 16 years experience as a planner in the public and private sectors.


James has experience working for local Government, GNS Science and private consultancy firms. He continues to work with many of the local councils in the Wellington region, providing advice and forming district plan policy, and training graduate policy planners. He also works with a number of private clients; preparing complex resource consent applications for multi-unit residential developments, subdivisions, commercial developments, and preparing private plan changes to rezone land for residential development.


James has represented Council and private clients in a significant number of hearings for plan changes and resource consent applications that have been notified. He has also presented planning evidence in the Environment Court and High Court.  James has successfully worked closely with a number of his clients during the mediation process to reach agreements with affected parties, thereby preventing the need for Council hearings and Environment Court proceedings. 


James' particular expertise is in land use planning for natural hazards. He has worked for a number of councils and Crown Research Institutes to research and facilitate projects that manage risk associated with natural hazards. This includes assistance in developing national guidance on managing natural hazard risks through land use planning.





Corinna has 12 years experience in New Zealand Planning.

She has worked in Policy and Planning for more than 20 years, in very diverse environments, and under ever changing legislation.


With an in-depth knowledge of the Resource Management Act, and extensive experience in the development, preparation and processing of planning documents, Corinna has excellent analytical skills and can readily make sense of complex information. She has the ability to easily adjust to changing circumstances and is a real team player, with a very good eye for detail, and while never losing sight of the bigger picture.







Anna has spent much of the past 10 years working in the resource consent teams of Wellington and Hutt City Councils and obtained a Master of Resource and Environmental Planning along the way.

She has worked across a wide range of projects, including multi-unit residential, subdivisions, shopping centres and other commercial and industrial developments. Anna’s experience includes processing of non-notified and notified resource consents, including presenting at hearings, as well as the preparation of resource consent applications.








Susan is a Senior Planning professional with diverse experience across crown agency, district council, regional council and the private sector, with over 10 years of resource management experience.  She is a full member of the New Zealand Planning Institute.


Through her career, Susan has gained knowledge in consenting, policy and strategic planning work. She has specific experience with complex urban, rural and coastal planning issues, community engagement, project management and advising on national planning projects.

Susan has a particular passion for natural hazard planning, having worked on projects including the Rena shipwreck and regional Flood Management Plans. 





Josh graduated with a Bachelor of Science; Geography & Development studies in 2015, and is continuing to grow his portfolio, still currently studying for a Master of Resource & Environmental Planning at Massey University part-time.


Josh has led a number of projects, including review of the heritage and rural chapter of the Wellington District Plan. He played a part in the capacity modelling work, preparation of plan changes and scheduling. 
Josh has considerable experience when it comes to NPS-UD and modelling to inform District Plan reviews.







Richard graduated with a Masters in Planning from Sheffield Hallam University in 2008 and has over 10 years of combined experience working for local authorities in policy and strategic planning roles, a planning consultancy and housebuilder in the United Kingdom and New Zealand

Richard has experience working in the UK on large scale residential builds, community engagement on both client side and for planning authorities, preparation of housing monitoring reports, speaking at planning committee and has worked on the preparation of planning evidence for a Public Inquiry.

Since coming to New Zealand, Richard has worked on a wider variety of land development resource consents including a variety of multi-unit developments.







Rachael has a Masters of European Studies, and a Bachelor of Resource & Environmental Planning (BRB).


Rachael has over 4 years experience preparing district plan policy within New Zealand.  Rachael has prepared District Plan chapters for a wide range of topics including infrastructure, subdivision, noise, and signs. Rachael has presented expert evidence on plan changes within council hearings. 








Kerry is a qualified and accredited Planner, having completed a Bachelor of Resource and Environmental Planning, with First Class Honours. 


Kerry's experience working with various Councils provides the  benefit of knowing the various District Plans. She also gained exposure to the field of policy planning through previous roles, managing and monitoring progress, and implementation.





Matt is a qualified Planner, having completed a Bachelor of Planning and a post graduate diploma in Science in Environmental  Management.


Matt's experience working at a local Council  provided him with a good understanding of the mechanics of local government, the Resource Management Act and provided him with exposure to the building consent process, giving him an all round view of the resource consent application process from every view point.




Sebastian holds a Master of Urban Planning (First Class Honours)  and brings just over seven years experience as a Planner in both New Zealand and Australia.


Sebastian's range of knowledge and understanding across both the public sector and private consultancy is a valuable asset to the Urban Edge Planning Team.







Andrea is a multi-award winning Landscape Architect and Urban Designer with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Degree and a Certificate in Permaculture Design.

Part of  the Urban Design and Landscape Architecture team, Andrea has worked at several large engineering firms, and has gained unique and broad-ranging experience with the consent, design and delivery of residential developments, public parks, urban spaces, and ecological restoration.

Andrea has a sound understanding of the broad range of landscape considerations required on projects within challenging or sensitive environments, working with Councils, Local Boards and Transport Authorities. She has a passion for connecting communities with local ecology, culture, technology, industry and history.




Sam holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hon) and has over six years experience working as a Landscape Architect. 

Sam brings a lifelong passion for nature and a keen interest in digital design.  With a broad technical knowledge, Sam loves finding innovative solutions for design challenges.  

Sam has worked with planners and designers across a range of scales from private residential to large commercial design and masterplanning projects.







Eve has a Master of Landscape Architecture and brings over six years experience in the industry to the Urban Edge team.

With a strong interest in the impact design has on communities, Eve demonstrates a passion for ecological design and seeks to find environmentally sensitive outcomes.

Eve is experienced in complex technical projects, working alongside the community and in collaborative design projects.







Dylan holds a Masters of Landscape Architecture and is passionate about developing his professional practice and capabilities in landscape architecture. 

Dylan brings practical experience to the role having worked as a landscaper and landscape designer which enhance his practical knowledge of construction techniques and practices.


He is committed to becoming a high performing landscape architect as he works towards formal registration and beyond.







Laurens brings over 20 years experience as a seasoned executive support specialist, and advisor across a range of diversified sectors and industries. 


She is accomplished in expertly juggling a multitude of complex work assignments to meet competing demands.


A skilled communicator, and comfortable manoeuvring through complex situations effectively.

Widely trusted and experienced at working in a fast paced environment that requires high level of discretion, sensitivity and interpersonal interactions, Lauren is intellectually sharp, agile, and quiet influencer.







Bailey is a nearly four year old mixed breed (mainly golden retriever) belied by her jet black coat with auburn highlights.


Bailey is responsible for maintaining a playful yet calm environment for the team at Urban Edge.

Bailey excels at supporting staff through stressful days while ensuring that no crumbs are left laying around.

Bailey will meet all visitors with a gentle reminder that they must first address her request for a hello pat before attending to the business at hand.